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    Business growth entails expanding operations, increasing revenue, enhancing market presence, optimizing resources, and fostering innovation for sustained prosperity.

Quality Product

A quality product meets or exceeds customer expectations, offering reliability, durability, functionality, and value, resulting in satisfaction and loyalty.

Growth Strategy

A growth strategy outlines a plan for a business to expand its market share, revenue, and influence through various initiatives and investments.

Competitive Price

Competitive pricing involves setting prices for products or services that are comparable to or lower than those offered by competitors.

About Company

We Bridge Foundation, We Deliver Dreams

We deal with a wide range of merchandise across various sectors including energy, metal, and agricultural markets. We also boast robust relationships with leading suppliers in the world.Additionally, Hanoova specializes in multisector procurement and supply, offering one-stop solutions to clients across the globe. We supply raw material, equipment, and machinery for construction, healthcare, transportation, mining, municipal, production & manufacturing, industrial, energy, and more.

General trading specialists at Hanoova offer customized solutions to help customer with their needs to ensure good and products can be accessed on credit terms to match their operation cycles. We serve our customers from our head office in Dubai, UAE, with branches in Europe, USA, Africa, and Asia, approaching each client with an aim to create and nurture solid and sustainable relationships built on common values of consistency and trust.

Doing The Right Thing, At The Right Time

Success often hinges on executing the right actions at opportune moments. This principle, encapsulated as ‘the right thing at the right time,’ emphasizes the significance of timely decisions, seizing opportunities, and aligning actions with circumstances to maximize effectiveness, achieve goals, and foster progress in personal and professional endeavors.

Our Product Line

Hanoova Services

General Trading

Customized solutions to help customer with their needs to ensure good and products

Office Stationary

Computers, Chairs, Tables, Kids toys, Office stationary


Rice, Masala, Spices, Curry powders marketing and delivery of different brands

Interior Designing & Contracting

Interior Designing & Contracting for Residential & Commercial projects

Electrical & Building Materials

Cable, Wires, Plugs, Sockets, Switches, Router, Pipes, Gypsum Board,

Social Media Marketing

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote businesses

We offer many services to progress!


Initial Consultation

An initial consultation serves as a crucial starting point in various fields, such as healthcare, automative, and business. It allows professionals to gather essential information, understand client needs, establish rapport, and outline a strategic plan tailored to address specific concerns or goals effectively.


Site Assessment

Site assessment involves evaluating various aspects of a location, including environmental, structural, and logistical factors, to determine its suitability for a particular purpose or project. This process helps identify potential challenges, risks, and opportunities, guiding informed decision-makin.


Import Products

Importing products involves sourcing goods from international markets to meet local demand, offering consumers a wider selection and businesses access to diverse suppliers, fostering competition, driving innovation, and often resulting in economic growth through trade.



Transportation encompasses the movement of people and goods from one location to another, utilizing various modes such as vehicles, trains, ships, and planes. It plays a vital role in connecting communities, facilitating trade, and driving economic growth worldwide.

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